PHEV Battery Case 100% Automatic Quality Inspection Cell

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Fastest Battery Case Inspection Cell

As the battery industry still faces a big percentage of scrap in terms of quality and therefore, assembly, it is extremely important to check and guarantee geometrical aspects, finishing of the connections and functional aspects of a battery housing for proper performance of it. Considering the aggressive cycle times required on a battery assembly line, speedy measuring equipment and information analysis are required. In here is where the specific artificial vision plays a key role.

Artificial vision consists basically on vision sensors, smart cameras as well as additional equipment. But it is the complex software development behind and the image processing which really makes the difference.

Picture credits: Lazpiur

In Lazpiur we provide a full system solution where a complete geometrical and dispensing paste profiling performance are checked in a PHEV HV battery case. With this artificial vision technology, different sub-assemblies as well as components presence such as rivet nuts or holes’ defects can be detected as well. It is even possible to detect if some parts are coated or not. Welding seam sizes, dispensed cords continuity and threaded holes can also be checked to 100%.  This way, a full-quality inspection can be done from the pack housing before delivery to the battery pack assembly line.

The line is ready for AMR or AGV integration in order to make a full automatic cycle from the final welding line’s station to the storage area before the final delivery.

Traceability is included in the software in order to have 100% of quality information traced with a codification of unitary parts.

The automotive industry and especially the battery supply chain is becoming challenging in terms of 100% quality Inspection and available traceability information for final OEM.

The machine will start production begin of 2024 and it will be located in Turkey as the first worldwide reference in the market able to make all Inspections under critical cycle time.    

Picture credits: Lazpiur
* IRIS CELL ONE; Battery Case Inspection machine developed by Lazpiur for Toyotetsu.

Quality as a Service

Orcun Yontem – Toyotetsu Turkey Vice-President

“The battery case is one of the most complex and difficult parts in the automotive industry.

As one of the world’s leading body parts manufacturer; we required to develop new equipment with our partner company in order to supply a product with the highest quality level for our customers.

Thanks to the developed equipment, we synchronized human and high-tech automation through camera technologies to be accurate, flexible and efficient in order to face the new challenges of the battery supply chain. According to our business model, the customer is the next process that’s why in addition we apply the jikotei kanketsu philosophy – avoid passing the defects to the next process – in line, we aimed to guarantee our quality level and traceability at the highest level with 100% automatic inspection machine.”

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