Mpac Group

Headquartered in Tadcaster, UK, Mpac Group is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and supporting cutting-edge packaging automation and transformational technologies.
Working across many sectors including Clean Energy, Mpac has been helping world-class businesses evolve to meet new challenges for over 100 years.

With manufacturing sites in the UK, Canada, USA and the Netherlands, plus sales & service locations in Singapore and Thailand, Mpac’s global teams can support customers wherever they are in the world.

Areas of expertise

  • Assembly of Battery Cells, Modules and Packs.
  • Full Production Line Integration (Assembly, Product Handling, Cartoning, Tray Forming, Case Packing and Palletizing).
  • Packaging Automation (Product Handling, Cartoning, Tray Forming, Case Packing, Tray Forming, Palletizing).
  • World-Class Service. Combining in-person essentials with innovative new digital tools, Mpac Cube is the service engine that propels companies towards production goals – keeping machines in prime condition and maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).