Innovation in Mixing – “Made in Germany” since 1965.

MIXACO is one of the leading manufacturers of mixing systems worldwide with more than 55 years of experience in mixing. As a completely independent, family-managed company located in Neuenrade, Germany, we can fully concentrate on our core competence, i.e. development and production of industrial mixer systems. More than 7,500 MIXACO mixers of the highest quality made in Germany ensure the optimum efficiency in production processes of our customers. Our global sales and service network allows us to be on-site at our customers premises, everywhere in the world. We understand the claim made in Germany as our brands commitment to quality. In this way we will wholeheartedly meet the expectations of our international customers in the future as well.

Every battery production line starts with raw materials. These can be active materials such as MNCs, iron-phosphate or graphite in lithium-ion batteries, but also coatings for separators or for current collectors. Getting the right mix and particle shape of these ingredients right at the beginning of the production process is essential. MIXACO offers mixing solutions along the complete value chain of the battery Eco-System.

Areas of expertise

  • Mixing of Cathode and Anode for dry and semi-dry mixture
  • Dry Pre-Mixture for slurry processes
  • Particle shaping / rounding / structuring of raw or intermediate materials.
  • Mixing and calcination of coating materials for separators
  • Mixing of thermal insulation materials


  • European, Asian and US Giga factories