Mintech is a venture company established in June 2015 with the vision of ‘challenging and contributing to the innovation and growth of the battery and energy storage industry’. Battery diagnostic solutions are developed by personnel with battery analysis techniques and diagnostic algorithm development capabilities.
The battery diagnosis solution can be extended and applied to electric vehicle battery diagnosis system, ESS diagnosis system, redox flow battery diagnosis system, and fuel cell diagnosis system.

Mintech is the world’s best small but strong company in the fields of battery diagnostic solutions and high voltage impedance analyzers .



Areas of expertise

  • One-Stop-Solution from battery diagnosis and evaluation, which is an essential element of a reusable battery-based energy storage system, to installation and commissioning of an energy storage system (ESS).
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Discharger
  • Data Driven Battery Diagnostics
  • New Generation Formation System: reduce the time period of Aging and screening of Cells. And this could be a developed innovative Technology through Mintech.


  • LG Energy Solutions (EV – ESS Battery Inspection and Diagnostic system)
  • SK On (EV Battery, ESS Inspection and Diagnosis)
  • Samsung SDI (EV Battery Formation)
  • Kia Motors, Hyundai  battery diagnosis solution company, the safety and efficiency of reusable batteries have also been verified.
  • Selected as a development supplier for Hyundai Motor Company’s “Electric Vehicle Battery EIS Measurement Diagnosis System”