Matcon has a long history of working with companies in the battery industry, Matcon products are in use all over the world.From the initial consultation to design, manufacture and installation, Matcon will work with you to ensure that your Matcon IBC system meets the specific needs of your business.Matcon provide powder handling solutions to enable efficient, flexible and contained powder handling. When scaling up production processes the challenge of how the material behaves becomes more of a problem. These materials can often be very fine powders creating difficult flow characteristics that once you get flowing become very hard to control. The environment within which these materials are handled is strictly controlled in terms of purity and humidity, the need to keep material inside a process is critical. Matcon have 40yrs experience of powder handling so are able to draw on the experience from other industries to adapt to the challenges faced by the battery market. We are a supplier of powder handling systems, not a steel fabricator, we supply solutions built around our IBCs and Cone Valve Technology, we are not just a product supplier.

Areas of expertise

  • Anode and Cathode Material Handling and Storage
  • IBC system with Cone Valve Technology
  • Transport of Powder materials from one process to another


  • European, Asian and American Cell Manufacturing Giga factories
  • Anode and Cathode Active Material Manufacturers