MARCHANTE is a family company based in France founded by Mr. Innocent MARCHANTE. Expert in the Biax industry since 1979, he has installed more than 200 lines worldwide, improved production processes and technical solutions for BO-film producers throughout his carrier. Marchante Since 2015, are supplying production lines for battery separator film production, most of them in Wet Process, starting with the Asian market and major players of this industry. Marchante now has acquired good expertise in Lithium ion battery separators.

Areas of expertise

  • Battery Separator manufacturing lines
  • Biaxial stretching technologies
  • Biaxial stretching technologies : Sequential (Two-step stretching, first Machine Direction and secondly Transverse Direction) or Simultaneous (one-step stretching, both directions simultaneously on one machine, patented by MARCHANTE and called MASIM)
  • Unparalleled uniformity in the stretching process, thereby ensuring consistent porosity levels crucial for battery separator films.


  • Asian Battery Separator Manufacturer and suppliers