Lazpiur is a company founded in 1914 and traditionally had two main lines of business: the construction of machinery and the manufacture of high precision mechanics. Currently, there are four different business units and we work for multinational companies such as first level OEM, as well as for TIER 1 firms. Lazpiur is already present in 25 countries.

The Lazpiur e-mobility business unit provides specialised manufacturing solutions for battery production. Our core expertise is the knowledge of processes such as handling, assembly, lamination, cleaning, soldering, bonding and testing of EV battery packs and modules. Lazpiur is particularly specialised in the issue of scalability in relation to variable volume scenarios.

Areas of expertise

  • Battery module and pack assembly lines
  • Battery box cleaning & inspection lines
  • Battery module metal forming process (machining, cleaning, bending, lamination,..)
  • Based on our own technology, we are able to provide an artificial intelligence quality inspection and traceability for all kind of manufacturing processes, related with the battery cell and module components (lids, can,..)


  • Tier 1 Giga Factories In Europe and USA.
  • Tier 1 for a Japanese OEM.