Italplant acts as a supplier of Precision Transfer Systems for machine integrators in battery production lines sector. With more than 40 years of experience in the automotive field, Italplant is used to sharing his knowledge from the preliminary project phases of his customers. Starting from the system integrator's requirements, Italplant proposes the wide range in the world of rotary indexers and linear transfer systems, where the mechanical cams are perfectly merged with the latest electronic drive technology available in the market, to reach the highest performance in terms of speed, accuracy, capacity and low manutention needed. The main product involved into the world of batteries manufacturing is surely the Precision Link Conveyor, a unique linear positioning system that, thanks to his low inertia, high speed rate and extremely high accuracy - hundreds of millimetres for 10 meters length chain - fits perfectly into batteries assembly lines. Italplant use to follow every customer deeply into the design of their custom machine, from dedicated co-engineering up to the testing, on-site installation and training phases.

Areas of expertise

  • Battery components production
  • Battery Cell transport and handling
  • Battery Cell manufacturing (Cylindrical, Prismatic, Pouch...)
  • Cylindrical battery handling
  • Prismatic battery handling


  • Module and pack assembly lines in Europe, USA and Asia
  • Case manufacturing for lithium ion cell production in Europe
  • Case manufacturing for lithium ion cell production in USA