As the inventor and world’s largest manufacturer of modular plastic belting (MPB), Intralox provides conveyance solutions for lithium-ion batteries across the entire production process, from cell to finished pack. In addition, our revolutionary Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology enables high-speed, touchless sorting and merging of modules and packs. Combined, MPB and ARB technologies allow Intralox—together with our partners—to develop cell, module, and pack conveyance solutions that do not require expensive, inflexible totes and pallets. This saves initial investment and operating costs and increases customers’ flexibility to support the battery of the future.

Areas of expertise

  • Cell, module, and pack conveyance
  • Gentle handling of sensitive products without totes or pallets


  • Module bonding system for USA battery manufacturer
  • Pack delivery system for Chinese automotive manufacturer
  • Cell case manufacturing for German cell case manufacturer