In-Core Systèmes

In-Core Systèmes is a French company, global leader provider of turnkey solutions for traceability, quality control and real-time manufacturing data collection to ensure the digitalization of smart gigafactories.

Value proposition:

The In-line inspections solutions for defect detection and dimensional control can be installed at the multiple steps of the electrode manufacturing (coating, calendering, slitting). It allows our customers to accelerate start-up, increase yield and ensure quality. The Real-time data information allow to reduce scrap thanks to a very fast detection of the process drift.

The electrode serialization solution to collect synchronized data of multiple sensors associated to each electrode sheet ensures our customers for quick root cause investigation of battery performances and process improvement through analysis of data driven decisions.

Areas of expertise

  • 2D code marking system installed in the coating machine to mark datamatrix for each electrode sheet whatever the cell format and whatever the coating machine speed,
  • Vision system for inspection (defect detection and measurement control) and code reading (in coating, calendering, slitting machines),
  • Real-time Data collection of multiple sensors located in different locations of the machines and association to the electrode Datamatrix code. Possibility to integrate sensor data into the main HMI (graphs with tolerances, pre-alarm and alarm thresholds) and generate alarms if the values are out of tolerances.
  • Availability of Consolidated and reliable information stored in database for customer to make evidence-base decisions to improve processes,

The tracking solution ensures association of process parameters and electrode’s features to the final battery cell.


We have more than 15 years of expertise in Li-Ion electrode industry and proven industrial installations in India, USA and Europe. We have experience and adaptability to work with different OEM’s, new or existing production lines and at different levels R&D, pilot and production capacities.

Our philosophy is to be a strategic partner for our customers and provide with a win-win long-term partnership. We guarantee effective customer responsiveness during all steps of the projects in order to adapt to your requirements and specifications.