Humintech Co.,Ltd. has successfully provided process and logistics equipment in each field, such as OLED/semiconductor/secondary battery, through continuous R&D and customer satisfaction management.

Humintech is one of the key suppliers of Li-Ion Battery Production Equipment & System, specialized in Battery Cell and Module/Pack Assembly Line. We have an accumulated technology, experiences, know-how and capability of developing, customized designing, manufacturing Battery Production Equipment and System. We have been supplying it to the major Tier1 Battery customers over the world.

In the current Equipment Industry, where convergence equipment, unmanned equipment, and continuous cost competitiveness are the main topics, based on various equipment development solutions for each field, we have been continuously developing and providing Customized Equipment to meet the needs of our customers, and based on this, we will move forward to a world-class Automation Equipment Leader.

Seongjun Oh, CEO of Humintech Co., Ltd.

Areas of expertise

  • Battery Cell Formation Equipment
  • Battery Cell Final Seal Equipment
  • Battery Cell EOL Test Equipment
  • Battery Cell Surface Vision Inspection Equipment
  • Battery Module & Pack Manufacturing Equipment


  • Lithium ion battery cell manufacturers in South Korea, Europe and North America.
  • Lithium ion battery module/pack manufacturers in South Korea and Europe.