Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co KG

Nowadays, the requirements of battery products have become increasingly diverse and complex: in addition to precision, strength and minimum particle formation, process validation and traceability are equally important quality criteria. Ultrasonic welding qualifies as the best suitable joining technology.
Highest weld quality: process visualization and process stability provide for product safety and repeatability. Small footprint for easy integration into production lines. Ultrasonic metal welding is the ideal solution for maximum quality in production. For our customers, we assume the role of both consultants and application problem solvers with regard to the ultrasonic joining of nonferrous metals.

In addition to leading-technology products, we provide excellent, in-depth application services for solving welding tasks, particularly taking into account the qualitative and economic aspects.

Areas of expertise

  • Battery cell assembly, tab-to-cell welding, pre- and main welding, joining copper and aluminium foils with each other (pre welding) and joining of the current collector to the welded foils (main welding)
  • Wire harness and busbar ultrasonic welding


  • Member of VDMA and European Battery Alliance
  • Supplied a high quantity of battery spot welders to European and global giga factories and various machine builders.