Cajo Technologies Oy is a Finland based manufacturer of high-end laser marking systems and software. Cajo's laser marking systems are already in use worldwide in more than 56 countries, many of which are used by market leaders in their respective fields.

Cajo offers solutions that support sustainable development, e.g. for the metal, vehicle, battery, cable and wire industries, for the marking of medical devices and consumer goods, and for machine and equipment manufacturers.

Cajo has a patented method for making color and traceability markings without additives. It enables significant added value for material producers and further refiners as well as manufacturers of components and end products.

The solutions enable long life cycle and almost service free operation when replacing inkjet-, label-, engraving-, etching- and painting technologies.

The core of Cajo's products are own control cards and software. The combination of those enables extremely precise control of the laser beam, the best in the entire market.

This enables high-quality markings on materials which are challenging or sometimes even impossible for other players in the industry to mark. Cajo has verified material library for more than 4000 different materials.

Cajo’s patented laser marking technology is up to 90 % more sustainable than inkjets typically used in the industry. The intelligent product marking technology is designed to replace all outdated and wasteful marking methods.

The technology enables generating machine readable traceability markings lasting through the whole product life cycle even in challenging circumstances.

Cajo lasers are able to perform at high speeds and even on metals that are still at high temperatures. The marking solution can be delivered as a stand-alone system, as a system integrated into a manufacturer’s production line, or as a dedicated solution made according to any industrial manufacturing needs; example Cajo has developed one of the kind high speed marking-on-the-fly solution used for EV battery foil manufacturing.


  • Powered by Cajo’s in-house developed software and hardware
  • Enables traceability of individual electrodes during the battery cell manufacturing process
    • Coated and uncoated aluminum and copper foils
  • High performance 2D code marking
    • High speed on-the-fly marking >80m/min
    • Each laser can mark >20 unique codes per second
  • Ideal for smart factories
    • Seamless MES Integration for Industry 4.0
    • Automatic code verification
    • Intuitive User Interface
  • Very powerful benefits
    • Collection of process data and linking that to individual electrodes
    • Continuous optimizing of the manufacturing process for improved quality and performance
    • Prevention of battery safety issues

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Latest innovation Cajo MakeBright™, sustainable marking technology for cardboard can bring remarkable operational cost savings of packaging of end products by saving ink, solvent and label costs. Learn more! 

Areas of expertise

  • Track and trace
  • Sustainable marking
  • Marking-on-the-fly applications
  • Marking for challenging materials
  • Turnkey laser marking solutions
  • Software integrations to manufacturing processes


Cajo has delivered our solutions to over 56 countries including several market leaders in Metal, Cable & Wire, Automotive, Aerospace and Marine industries.

  • Ponsse - Cajo laser for marking VIN numbers
  • Aker Solution – Fast and reliable marking solution for marking subsea cables
  • Ensto – enabling faster and higher quality marking process
  • Sartorius - Cutting costs at Sartorius’ factory by optimizing functions
  • Case EV Battery - Enables traceability of individual electrodes during the battery cell manufacturing process

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