B&R Automation

World renowned automation specialist B&R helps battery producers make leaps in efficiency and production density with an ecosystem of machine automation components tightly synchronized around a mechatronic track system. The most dramatic improvements are achieved by carrying out production steps in continuous high-speed motion. This applies in particular to electrode and cell production, but module assembly and upcoming cell-to-pack concepts also benefit. Together with AGVs and robotics from parent company ABB, the areas of intralogistics and assembly of larger parts are also covered.

Areas of expertise

  • Electrode raw material production
  • Battery components production (Busbar, lid, ...)
  • Battery cells manufacturing (Cylindrical, prismatic, pouch...)
  • Battery cell transport and handling
  • Battery modules and packs manufacturing (incl. Cell-to-Pack)
  • Process Data Acquisition and Track & Trace


  • Electrode raw material production in Europe
  • Battery assembly lines in Europe, Asia and America
  • Module and pack assembly lines in Europe, Asia and America
  • Supplier for machine builders delivering into battery production (Separator foil, Thickness measurement, Laser welding, Resistance welding, X-Ray inspection, ...)