Top 5 battery manufacturing news

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  • BMW Announces $1,7B (USD) Investment to Build Electric Vehicles in the US and Signs Agreement with Envision AESC for the Supply of Battery Cells to Plant Spartanburg

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  • LMI Technologies joins Battery manufacturing experts community one of the expertise is Stacking alignment measurements, gap & flush inspection, position verification, weld seam inspection.


  • The Biden-Harris administration, through the Department of Energy (DOE), announcedWednesday that 20 battery companies will receive a combined $2.8 billion to build and expand commercial-scale facilities in 12 states.

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  • Amprius Technologies, a leader in ultra-high energy density lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Nanowire Anode Platform, has announced that the company was awarded a $50 million cost sharing grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (“DOE”)’s Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains (“MESC”).

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  • Canada’s battery manufacturer Electrovaya has chosen New York State as the location for its first factory in the USA. Electrovaya will build the US plant in Chautauqua County and produce cells worth over one-gigawatt hour for commercial vehicles when fully operational.


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