Top 5 Battery Manufacturing News Week 35

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1.Porsche is reportedly considering locating its large battery cell factory in Germany, specifically in the state of Brandenburg. The site under consideration is the Schwarzheide/Schipkau airfield in the Oberspreewald-Lausitz district, which is in the same region where Tesla has settled.

Source: energyportal

2.Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) plans to enter the battery manufacturing sector and aims to build a gigafactory for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries by 2026. 

Source: RIL AGM

3.Morrow Batteries, Nordic Batteries and Eldrift join forces to build Norwegian battery supply-chain. Nordic Batteries will deliver state-of-the-art battery modules and packs of various sizes, battery management systems, and temperature control technology to Eldrift and other system integrators. Eldrift AS offers infrastructure solutions with these jointly developed battery packs to various mobile and stationary battery energy storage solutions.

Soource: Morrow Batteries

4. The electric vehicle market is seeing exponential global growth, subsequently boosting the EV battery market. Are you as a battery manufacturer looking for partner in Line integration?
Since 1933 Jorgensen has delivered innovative handling solutions across well-established industries and now the disruptive automotive & EV battery sector is benefitting from Jorgensen Engineering long-standing and extensive handling expertise.

Source: Jorgensen Engineering

5.  Governor Brian P. Kemp today announced that Hyundai Motor Group and LG Energy Solution (LGES) will invest an additional $2 billion in their battery cell manufacturing joint venture (JV) at the Metaplant in Bryan County, raising the JV’s total investment value to more than $4.3 billion. 


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