Top 5 Battery Manufacturing News Week 12

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  • Meet the Battery manufacturing expert CIM.AS , CIM is a Danish leading expert in Automated Test Solutions, Industrial IoT, Machine Vision Track&Trace and Testing Solutions.

Source: CIM.AS

  • With the aim of contributing to the technological advancement process in the field of electrification and proposing efficient and sustainable solutions for battery production, Comau participated in the LaserEMobility Workshop

Source: Comau

  • CATL has begun mass production of Qilin Battery, report says.

Chinese power battery giant CATL’s Qilin Battery has achieved mass production and has a 13 percent higher capacity than 4680 batteries in the same volume, local media outlet The Paper reported.

Source: Batteries News

  • Amprius Technologies, a leader in lithium-ion batteries with its Silicon Anode Platform, announced it has signed a letter of intent for a 775,000 square foot facility in Brighton, Colorado. The factory, targeted to be operational in 2025, will be built in phases starting with an initial 500 megawatt-hours (MWh) with the potential of up to 5 gigawatt-hours (GWh) within the initial footprint.

Source: Battery Industry

  • Ford Motor Company is gearing up the new plant in Tennessee to produce half a million all-electric pickup trucks from 2025. 

Source: Electrive

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