Top 5 Battery Manufacturing News Week 11

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Top 5 Battery Manufacturing News Week 11:

  • Canline delivers conveying systems for cylindrical battery cells based on the experience in can manufacturing. 


  • Department of Energy (DOE) grants a $375 million loan to Li-Cycle, a lithium battery recycling company

Source: Battery Industry

Teraview shares knowledge about how to Eliminate Elimination of Waste through optimisation of electrode manufacturing


  • Tesla Taps Asian Partners, LG & Panasonic, to Address 4680 Battery Concerns

Source: BatteriesNews

  • The EU Commission is aiming for ten per cent of the EU’s demand for critical raw materials to be met from its own mining operations in 2030, 40 per cent from local processing and 15 per cent from EU recycling capacities. 

Source: Electrive

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