Top 5 Battery Manufacturing News Week 4

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  • Tesla plans to spend $3.6 billion more on expanded battery and heavy duty truck manufacturing in Nevada, the company said Tuesday on social media. According to its public statements, Tesla intends to hire 3,000 more people across two new facilities eventually.
    Source : Battery Industry
  • Toyota rethinks EV Strategy with new CEO
    Toyota’s chief executive always said he wasn’t a skeptic about electric vehicles—he was a realist. Longtime CEO Akio Toyoda called himself a spokesman for “a silent majority” of people in the auto industry who questioned a single-minded focus on EVs. 
    Source: Wall street Journal
  • The EU can end its reliance on China for lithium-ion battery cells by 2027, Transport & Environment (T&E) has forecast. Europe is on track to produce enough Li-ion cells by then to fully meet domestic demand for electric vehicles and energy storage, according to the new analysis of battery-makers’ announcements. However, the green group said the EU needs a policy to counter US subsidies or risk losing investments in the EV supply chain.
    Source: Batteries News
  • Suzuki has presented its growth strategy until 2030. This envisages total investments of 4.5 trillion yen (approx. 31 billion euros), almost half of which will go into the development and production of electrified vehicles.
    Source: Electrive
  • General Motors reportedly wants to switch from pouch to round cells in future electric models. According to a media report, the change in cell format is also the reason why GM and LG Energy Solution apparently do not pursue their plan for a fourth joint US battery cell plant.
    Source: Electrive

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