Traceability and tracking solutions for electrode rolls

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Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing: RFID is on a Roll:


The lithium Ion battery manufacturing sector is growing exponentially and with this comes a significant need for traceability & tracking of individual mother and daughter electrode rolls

Battery cell manufacturing classified into 3 distinct process competencies, namely:

  1. Electrode Manufacturing
  2. Cell Assembly
  3. Formation, Aging & Testing (aka Finishing )

All the above processes are highly automated, and in some cases, located either in a classcleanroom or dry room environment. As such there are numerous opportunities for RFID and code reading solutions.

A typical application for UHF in Electrode Manufacturing

A key value proposition in the electrode manufacturing process is that of migrating over from a purely barcode and/or QR code system to that of RFID (UHF). The electrode formation process includes numerous production steps from mixing, coating, calendaring all the way through to Vacuum Drying and Storage. Each machine process generally commences with unwinding turrets and ends with winding ones – roll to roll process

Both the anode and cathode electrode rolls require identification, process step validation and full traceability all the way through the plant. With optical systems like barcode and/or QR code battery plants have limited visibility, traceability and tracking of the rolls.

Working with our battery customers and understanding their process needs, we developed a small form factorhigh temp UHF tag to withstand the electrode production environment. The tag is capable of surviving cycling applications with temperatures of up to 235C, particularly in the vacuum drying lines. With its operating range reaching 4 meters and its small form factor it renders itself optimal when recess mounting them in the anode and cathode core’s – as below


Together with our BIS V UHF processor and related antenna’s we’re able to provide all the necessary hardware and consultancy services required in supporting battery plants achieve their desired objective of tracking all production steps via a tag embedded in the roll core. Customers have the option of not only obtaining read/writes, via fixed antennas at the turrets, but also handheld ones for all storage locations from goods receiving to daughter coil storage racks.


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    Dear Purchasing Manager,

    We manufacture RFID Tags – On or Off Metal, good price, excellent read range.
    Even mini size 4×4 mm, can read distance up to 80 mm on metal.

    Would you have a look at the catalog of our RFID tags?

    Looking forward to your soonest response.

    Best Regards!
    Patty Yu


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