Sovema – Automation Software Engineer


  • Preferential schooling in the technical field
  • Degree in Electronic Engineering / Automation / Mechatronics
  • At least 4 years of experience in the design of high speed automatic machines


  • Definition of the control system architecture (PLC, Motion Control, Drives…)
  • PLC program writing
  • Realization of HMI program
  • Realization of supervision systems (SCADA)
  • VFD / servodrives integration
  • Testing of prototypes and new developments
  • Interfacing with other functions (commercial / production / purchasing / service)


  • Knowledge of the main PLC programming languages
  • Knowledge of European regulations (safety, machinary directive 2006/42 / EC)
  • Knowledge of the main industrial field BUS (Profinet, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT…)
  • Knowledge of the main Motion Control system (Siemens, Allen Bradley, Control Techinques, BOSCH Rexroth…) and support to the mechanical engineering for the choice of the type of solution to be adopted based on the specifications
    Configuration and parameterization of the VFD according to the control mode (Sensorless, Vector, V / Hz…)
  • Knowledge of the main supervision SW (Ignition, Siemens…)
  • Cost evaluation as an integral part of the project specifications
  • Knowledge of English


  • Teamwork skills
  • Ability to schedule to meet deadlines
  • Propensity to search for new solutions
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize
  • Mental openness
  • Attitude to collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Coordination of external resources

Location: Villafranca di Verona (VR), Italy