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Mecasonic, well known for solutions for plastic and metal assembly since 1969 is deeply involved in the battery process at several levels.

1/ Metal welding of terminal couple and cable of various dimensions:

Our solution of metal welder integrated into an automatic line or as a standard worktable, helps rank 1-2-3 OEM car manufacturers with strategic step process of communication of power between lithium cell and motor.

Most of the raw material involved such as Copper, Aluminium, and Zinc is not limited by technology, which can intervene in almost all metals except Iron based.

Our reliable and power efficient generator delivers 3000W and works easily with cables up to 35mm² with pull strength resistance expected of 2500N.

2/ Plastic welding of protection box for battery cell:

Every system needs protection. Mecasonic offers different technologies such as ultrasonic or hot blade systems for plastic cabinets up to 400*600mm using standard solutions.

It allows the final customer (and car user) to rely on components able to resist vibration, shock, humidity, temperature, pressure, and electro-static protection for battery cells of all models, cores, and generations.

Mecasonic supports from the first idea to the final production line, every step of the process using knowledge acquired all over the world, in all types field of industry to respect and maintain final speculation.

3/ Assembly of the terminal; cathode, anode, and tabs:

For multiple core cell systems (up to 100 units), our metal ultrasonic welder will also help final customers reach the needs of similar and dissimilar metal assemblies. Ultrasonic technology is the fastest and most repeatable process for high quality and expectations for such a process.

Layers of metal foil from 5µ to 200µ, reaching 20 different layers, allow energy to accumulate into the cell to be transferred to an external source. Ultrasonic technology will also permit a reduced height and remove air between layers, increasing conductivity without added material.

For any further information or request concerning assembly solution, do not hesitate to contact.

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