Italplant and its fast conveyors up and running in the giga factory

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Gigafactories are opening faster and faster all over the world and this is just one of many signs that highlight the engagement of many automotive players to the production of electric vehicles.

The ever-increasing number of these installations results in an ever more urgent need for mass production of battery modules, requiring the production of more and more pieces per minute. For this reason, linear transfer systems from the Italian company Italplant were once again chosen for assembly and testing battery module within new plants.

As you can see in the picture below, Italplant Fast Conveyors are also in use in one of the recently opened gigafactories, recognized as a European leader in enabling cleaner, efficient mobility for the planet.


The 5 manufacturing lines within the giga factory, will allow to produce up to 8 Gigawatt hours (GWh) annually by the end of 2024.

The speed of Italplant Precision Link Conveyors, also known as “fast conveyors”, that allow production to be increased with 12 pieces/min of battery cell prismatic in this case.

The above expertise is not the only aspect that makes this line unique and that ensured to be chosen, Italplant Linear Transfer System may be distinguished also for many other features:

  • Accuracy > hundreds of millimeters for 10 meters length chain
  • Rigidity > supporting 20 kg of load and 150 Nm of tilting moment applied on
  • Low Manutention

All these features allow this system to fit perfectly into batteries assembly lines.

Italplant use to follow every customer deeply into the design of their custom machine, from dedicated co-engineering up to the testing, on-site installation and training phases.

Please feel free to visit their website and contact them to receive more support!

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