Innovation in Battery Electrode Inspection: Machine Vision Solution for Electrode Burrs during the Slitting Process

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Partner contribution: Lazpiur; Expert: Aritz Frojan


The battery industry is constantly evolving, and the quality of electrodes is crucial to their performance and durability. However, accurate detection of electrode burrs has been a persistent challenge. In this article, we present our innovative machine vision solution that addresses this problem efficiently and effectively.

Slitting Burr Challenge

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Burrs, small metal protrusions that form during the cutting of battery electrodes, can negatively affect the quality and safety of the final product. Detecting these burrs accurately and in a timely manner is essential to ensure the integrity of the manufacturing process.

INLINE Solution

We have developed a machine vision application that uses advanced algorithms to identify and classify burrs on electrodes in an automated & real-time way. Our technology combines the power of image processing with machine learning techniques to achieve unprecedented accuracy in burr detection. It can be integrated and installed in new and existing lines. Additionally, it can be implemented in current digital platforms with traceability applications.

OFFLINE Solution

Picture credits: Lazpiur

We have developed an Offline machine with an innovative vision application that uses advanced algorithms to identify and classify burrs on electrodes in high speed for complete coils without winding/unwinding necessity. It can give to current OEM an option to check the outsourced coils’ quality measurement or even an offline quality Inspection system in case the slitting machine has not currently an inline burr Inspection system included.

Advantages and Benefits:

– Accuracy

Our solution offers superior accuracy in burr detection, minimising errors and improving the quality of the final product, the system is able to identify errors down to 3µm.

– Efficiency

By automating the inspection process, we help increase the speed and efficiency of the production line, reducing operating costs and increasing productivity.

– Safety and security

By identifying burrs early, we help improve safety in the manufacturing process and prevent potential failures or accidents.

– Market Innovation

Our solution represents a significant advance in battery electrode inspection. Unlike traditional techniques, which can be costly, manual and error-prone, our technology offers an automated and highly accurate alternative that is unparalleled in today’s market.

– Conclusions

In an increasingly competitive and innovation-driven market, quality and efficiency are paramount. With our machine vision solution for burr detection on battery electrodes, we offer manufacturers a powerful tool to improve the quality of their products, increase the efficiency of their processes and stay at the forefront of the industry.

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