46xx Battery Automated Lid Handling for Battery Component manufacturers and Giga factories

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Partner contribution: NPB Automation AB

Expert Contribution: Victor Winqvist and Philip Lindqvist

The introduction of the 46xx battery format is a game-changer, promising higher energy density, reduced costs, and enhanced vehicle performance. However, with innovation comes complexity. The handling of 46xx battery lids involves managing components that are critical to the battery’s integrity and performance. Any mishap in handling can lead to significant repercussions, including compromised battery life or performance. Moreover, the sheer scale of production required to meet the demand for EVs and renewable energy solutions adds another layer of complexity, necessitating solutions that are not only effective but also scalable and adaptable to the rapid evolution of battery technology.

Integrated Handling and Packaging: From Press to Cell Assembly

Source: NPB Automation

A critical aspect of our innovative approach to battery lid handling involves the seamless transition of lids from production to packaging and finally to the cell assembly line. Our systems at NPB Automation are designed to handle lids as they come directly out of the press machines, ensuring that each lid is managed with care and precision to maintain its integrity.

Automated Handling Post-Press

Immediately after the lids are pressed, our automated handling systems gently convey them to the next phase, minimizing manual handling and reducing the risk of damage. This process is optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring that lids are moved through the production line without bottlenecks.

Integrated Washing and Laser Marking

Following pressing and initial handling, lids undergo a thorough washing process to ensure they are clean and free of any contaminants before moving to the next step of the line. NPB’s integrated solutions ensure that the following steps are seamlessly connected, maintaining the flow and integrity of the production process.

Advanced Buffer Systems: Ensuring Continuous Production

A standout feature of NPB’s handling and conveying solutions is the incorporation of advanced buffer systems. These systems are designed to mitigate any disruptions in the production line, allowing the press to continue operating and producing lids even when downstream processes encounter delays. This capability ensures that production can maintain its pace, storing excess lids in a buffer zone until they can be seamlessly reintegrated into the main production flow. This not only maximizes production efficiency but also minimizes downtime, ensuring that our clients can meet their production targets without interruption.

Precision Packaging into “Wrapped Stick’s”

Source: NPB Automation

Once’s the lids are produced and refined, the lids are then packaged into wraps, a packaging solution that offers both protection during transport and convenience for subsequent processing steps. Our packaging technology is specifically designed to ensure that lids are securely packed without compromising their quality.

Streamlined Unloading for Cell Assembly

The stick bags are designed for ease of unloading in the cell assembly area, ensuring a smooth transition into the final stages of battery production. This streamlined process minimizes handling and accelerates the assembly process, enabling higher throughput and efficiency. Our integrated handling and packaging solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of battery manufacturing, ensuring that lids are transferred from the press to the cell assembly area in a manner that is both efficient and conducive to high-quality battery production.


By automating and integrating these critical stages of the production process, NPB not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes significantly to the overall reliability and performance of the final battery products. Our expertise in handling billions of lids across various industries positions us uniquely to offer solutions that are innovative, scalable, and perfectly aligned with the needs of the battery manufacturing sector.

As we advance in the realm of battery manufacturing, NPB leverages its legacy of precision and innovation to meet the giga-scale challenges of the 46xx battery format. Through our integrated solutions—from advanced buffer systems to seamless end-to-end production processes—we’re not just keeping pace with industry demands; we’re setting new benchmarks for efficiency, sustainability, and reliability.

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