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Batteryline.com is a community of partners and experts in the manufacturing of Electrical Vehicle Batteries. Each partner and expert of Batteryline.com is able to present herself on the website through a specific page and inform visitors about their specific know-how on battery manufacturing. At each page the expert and partner company shows the areas of expertise and references.

Our partners


  • Cell, module, and pack conveyance
  • Gentle handling of sensitive products without totes or pallets

Schuler Group

  • one-stop shop for production lines for battery cell cases in deep-draw (DD) or impact extrusion (IE) technology including machines, tool&dies and pre-series production


  • Cylindrical battery handling
  • Prismatic battery handling
  • Pouch battery handling
  • System integration
  • Simulation and emulation


  • Cylindrical battery case production
  • Magnetic conveying of single cells and in mass
  • Standard concepts for battery pack conveying

  • Industrial 4.0 IoT Software Solutions / Digital Transformation for Manufacturing
  • Automated Test & Measurement and Vision Inspection for R&D and Manufacturing enviroment
  • Provide Quality Assurance Solutions within highly regulated industries


  • Robotization in cylindrical and prismatic cell production
  • Accumulation, packaging and conveying of battery cases
  • OEE data collection and analyse systems for manufacturing improvement

Our experts

MSc. Frans Augustijn

MSc. Frans Augustijn

MSc. Frans Augustijn has over 30 years of experience within OEM companies and worked internationally on challenging automation projects in several industries. He is an expert in the development of Industry 4.0 business models within companies which are eager to develop opportunities coming from the main global trends.
He is Business Unit Manager Industrial Solutions of the Swedish listed company Xano.

Dr. Rashi Gupta

Dr. Rashi Gupta

Dr. Rashi Gupta, fondly known as “Batterywali of India”, is the pioneer of manufacturing of Advanced Lithium Batteries in India alongwith the “Worlds Smartest Lithium Battery”. She is the Founder & Managing Director of Vision Mechatronics Private Ltd, leading it towards a name to reckon for in the field of Robotics, Renewable Energy & Energy Storage.

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