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Overview of partners and experts

Batteryline.com is a community of partners and experts in the manufacturing of Electrical Vehicle Batteries. Each partner and expert of Batteryline.com is able to present herself on the website through a specific page and inform visitors about their specific know-how on battery manufacturing. At each page the expert and partner company shows the areas of expertise and references.

Our partners


  • Cylindrical battery handling
  • Prismatic battery handling
  • Pouch battery handling
  • System integration
  • Simulation and emulation


  • Robotization in cylindrical and prismatic cell production
  • Accumulation, packaging and conveying of battery cases
  • OEE data collection and analyse systems for manufacturing improvement


  • Industrial 4.0 IoT Software Solutions / Digital Transformation for Manufacturing
  • Automated Test & Measurement and Vision Inspection for R&D and Manufacturing enviroment
  • Provide Quality Assurance Solutions within highly regulated industries


  • Cylindrical battery case production
  • Magnetic conveying of single cells and in mass
  • Standard concepts for battery pack conveying

Schuler Group

  • one-stop shop for production lines for battery cell cases in deep-draw (DD) or impact extrusion (IE) technology including machines, tool&dies and pre-series production


  • 电池、电池模组pack的输送
  • 轻柔取放敏感产品,无需拖箱托盘


  • Battery dry room dehumidification.
  • Sustainable battery cell production.

Rockwell Automation

  • Battery Cell Raw Material Production
  • Battery Cell Manufacturing (Cylindrical, Prismatic, Pouch...)
  • Battery Module and Pack Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Battery Recycling Applications
  • Battery Supply Chain Track & Trace "Battery Passport"

B&R Automation

  • Electrode raw material production
  • Battery components production (Busbar, lid, ...)
  • Battery cells manufacturing (Cylindrical, prismatic, pouch...)
  • Battery cell transport and handling
  • Battery modules and packs manufacturing (incl. Cell-to-Pack)
  • Process Data Acquisition and Track & Trace

Balluff Automation

  • Electrode, cell, module and pack traceability & tracking solutions – HF and UHF RFID systems
  • Condition monitoring solutions from mixing to formation – vibration, temperature, humidity, ambient pressure
  • Data driven machine control with IO-Link down to the sensor level  in electrode manufacturing, cell assembly and formation
  • Comprehensive and specialised sensing technologies
  • Machine vision systems for quality controls and inspection routine


  • Battery components production
  • Battery Cell transport and handling
  • Battery Cell manufacturing (Cylindrical, Prismatic, Pouch...)
  • Cylindrical battery handling
  • Prismatic battery handling

Sovema Group

  • Battery Cell Assembly Equipment (Pouch, Cylindrical, Prismatic)
  • Battery Cell Formation Equipment (Pouch, Cylindrical, Prismatic)
  • Battery Module Assembly Equipment
  • Battery Cell, Module, and Pack Testing Equipment

Bonetto Automation

  • Battery Cell Assembly/welding and test line (Cylindrical, Prismatic, Pouch)
  • Battery handling
  • Battery Formation Module
  • Battery Case laser welding

JOT Automation

  • Battery and material Handling solutions
  • Module/Pack Assembly
  • Testing solutions
  • Process equipment
  • Turnkey solutions for assembly lines


  • Robots and machines for all kinds of EV business
  • Battery cell production
  • Battery module/frame/tray assembly


  • Expertise in dismantling of battery container and separation of metal foil /plates using ultrasonics.
  • Ultrasonic welding and cutting
  • Welding of battery box
  • Ultrasonic tab welding
  • Battery Pack assembly/ Cell assembly


  • Track and trace
  • Sustainable marking
  • Marking-on-the-fly applications
  • Marking for challenging materials
  • Turnkey laser marking solutions
  • Software integrations to manufacturing processes


  • On-line measurement of electrode thickness & density
  • Measurement of electrical conductivity of electrodes

Hanwha Corporation

  • Electrode line which includes coating and drying
  • Cell Assembly which includes stacking and laser notching ( Prismatic, pouch, cylindrical)
  • Electrolyte filling
  • Cell Formation (Prismatic, Pouch, Cylindrical)
  • Module/Pack Assembly
  • AGV
  • Multi stacker crane


  • Battery Passport
  • Blockchain
  • Track and trace of Battery pack/battery cells while production and across its lifetime.
  • Battery Recycling
  • State of health of end-of-life batteries and analysis

LMI Technologies

  • 2D and 3D measurement and inspection systems for quality control, defect detection, dimensioning, positioning, weld seam verification, and glue bead inspection.
  • Stacking alignment measurements, gap & flush inspection, position verification, weld seam inspection.
  • During cell pre-assembly Gocator 3D sensors are used for electrode width gauging, edge profile measurement, and tab distance gauging.

Lincoln Electric

  • Welding Of EV Battery packs
  • Cutting
  • All sorts of Automation around Welding
  • Battery housing production


  • Battery Cell Formation Equipment
  • Battery Cell Final Seal Equipment
  • Battery Cell EOL Test Equipment
  • Battery Cell Surface Vision Inspection Equipment
  • Battery Module & Pack Manufacturing Equipment


Cells, modules, packs, cases and more

​We understand the inherent complexity of battery-based power options and can help contribute to the evolution of your product from its earliest stages. As a single provider for the whole battery production system, our offer includes dedicated solutions for:

  • Battery cell testing and formation
  • Battery module assembly
  • Battery pack assembly
  • Stationary storage pack assembly
  • End of line testing
  • Battery case machining

Mpac Group

  • Assembly of Battery Cells, Modules and Packs.
  • Full Production Line Integration (Assembly, Product Handling, Cartoning, Tray Forming, Case Packing and Palletizing).
  • Packaging Automation (Product Handling, Cartoning, Tray Forming, Case Packing, Tray Forming, Palletizing).
  • World-Class Service. Combining in-person essentials with innovative new digital tools, Mpac Cube is the service engine that propels companies towards production goals – keeping machines in prime condition and maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co KG

  • Battery cell assembly, tab-to-cell welding, pre- and main welding, joining copper and aluminium foils with each other (pre welding) and joining of the current collector to the welded foils (main welding)
  • Wire harness and busbar ultrasonic welding


  • One-Stop-Solution from battery diagnosis and evaluation, which is an essential element of a reusable battery-based energy storage system, to installation and commissioning of an energy storage system (ESS).
  • Electric Vehicle Battery Discharger
  • Data Driven Battery Diagnostics
  • New Generation Formation System: reduce the time period of Aging and screening of Cells. And this could be a developed innovative Technology through Mintech.


  • Battery module and pack assembly lines
  • Battery box cleaning & inspection lines
  • Battery module metal forming process (machining, cleaning, bending, lamination,..)
  • Based on our own technology, we are able to provide an artificial intelligence quality inspection and traceability for all kind of manufacturing processes, related with the battery cell and module components (lids, can,..)

In-Core Systèmes

  • 2D code marking system installed in the coating machine to mark datamatrix for each electrode sheet whatever the cell format and whatever the coating machine speed,
  • Vision system for inspection (defect detection and measurement control) and code reading (in coating, calendering, slitting machines),
  • Real-time Data collection of multiple sensors located in different locations of the machines and association to the electrode Datamatrix code. Possibility to integrate sensor data into the main HMI (graphs with tolerances, pre-alarm and alarm thresholds) and generate alarms if the values are out of tolerances.
  • Availability of Consolidated and reliable information stored in database for customer to make evidence-base decisions to improve processes,

The tracking solution ensures association of process parameters and electrode’s features to the final battery cell.

Andritz Separation GmbH

  • Process solutions for recycling of Batteries
  • Mechanical separation solutions, including Filter Presses, Vacuum and Pressure Drum Filters and Vacuum Belt Filters which are frequently used in the field of Cathode Active Material preparation.
  • Shredding systems
  • Thermal separation solutions such as Paddle Dryers for Cathode Active Material preparation and Helix Dryers to provide solutions that fully extracts the toxic solvents of spent Li-ion batteries to provide a solvent-free black mass product.



  •  Non-Stop & High-speed Labelling of Cylindrical batteries


  • High speed slitting of cathode and anode electrode.
  • High speed slitting of battery separator films


  • Battery Separator manufacturing lines
  • Biaxial stretching technologies
  • Biaxial stretching technologies : Sequential (Two-step stretching, first Machine Direction and secondly Transverse Direction) or Simultaneous (one-step stretching, both directions simultaneously on one machine, patented by MARCHANTE and called MASIM)
  • Unparalleled uniformity in the stretching process, thereby ensuring consistent porosity levels crucial for battery separator films.

SEW Eurodrive

Drive, control and automation technology for all steps of battery production:

  • Logistics solutions for transportation and warehouse applications (e.g. AGV & ASRS)
  • Material handling technology within the processes
  • Battery cell manufacturing (cylindrical, prismatic, pouch)
  • Battery formatting and aging
  • Battery module and pack assembly
  • Battery recycling applications



  • Anode and Cathode Material Handling and Storage
  • IBC system with Cone Valve Technology
  • Transport of Powder materials from one process to another


Vacuum plays an essential role in the battery cell production and recycling. Looking at the different production steps of a Li-ion battery, vacuum is needed:

  • To enable the process
  • To deliver purity in process
  • To achieve process efficiency
  • To produce a high-quality product
  • In some battery recycling methods

Leybold Vacuum expertise In production line:

  • Mixing, Vacuum Drying, Stacking, Welding/Packaging/Cell Assembly, Electrolyte filling, Degassing, EOL Testing.

Battery maker


Our experts

Marco Vivarelli

Marco Vivarelli

Marco Vivarelli works as Mechanical Engineering and R&D Manager in Sovema Group. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna and then got the license to practice as an engineer. He has a twenty-year experience as mechanical design engineer and project leader. Now, his role is focused on the automatic machines industry, for both pilot and mass production lines of rechargeable batteries for different areas and formation chamber equipment.

Catalina Gutierrez

Catalina Gutierrez

Catalina Gutierrez is an engineer who has a PhD in mechanics and manufacturing processes. She has extensive experience in the li-ion battery industry, working at the sales department of IN-CORE. Her main focus is to provide turnkey solutions for traceability, quality control, and real-time manufacturing data collection to help battery manufacturers achieve the digitalization of smart gigafactories.

James Eaton

James Eaton

James (24) grew up in Yorkshire and studied Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London where he developed skills in design, manufacture, and testing of battery packs for electric vehicles.

After graduating, James was hired as a researcher in the Electrochemical Science and Engineering Group at Imperial College London. In this industry-facing role, he often met with automotive industry professionals. However, due to the current rapidly shifting nature of the automotive sector, James found that he was the expert in the room on battery packs compared to seasoned OEM experts with 20 years’ experience in combustion engines.

Dr. Daniel Aronov

Dr. Daniel Aronov

As CTO at StoreDot, Daniel oversees technological projects and initiatives, bringing invaluable knowledge and experience in the fields of micro-electronics and energy storage.

Mr. Benjamin Troskie

Mr. Benjamin Troskie

Benjamin Troskie is a marketing and communication professional with insights and experience in the energy industry. Focused on Wind Energy and Battery Manufacturing, Benjamin works for Cotes A/S as Head of Marketing and Communications.

Mr. Andy Bell

Mr. Andy Bell

Andy is the Global VP for the Automotive & High value Coatings division at TeraView. 

Mr. Marcus Braun

Mr. Marcus Braun

Marcus Braun leads the business like EV Battery and Renewable Energy sector at JOT Automation GmbH in DACH Region, with particular emphasis on battery production equipment and providing technical cross-process expertise, technical project management and strategic product portfolio development for high-end technologies (assembly, handling, testing) in battery production.

Vineet Dravid

Vineet Dravid

Vineet is the founder and CEO of oorja.energy, a software for designing better energy storage systems. Prior to this, he led the COMSOL India operations for 13 years.

Dr.-Ing. Hannes Weinmann

Dr.-Ing. Hannes Weinmann

Dr.-Ing. Hannes Weinmann, Business Development Manager at Lead Intelligent Equipment (Deutschland) GmbH, who is an expert in the field of manufacturing processes and industrial machinery for the production of lithium-ion batteries. Hannes is passionate about optimizing existing and developing new manufacturing processes to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and improve efficiency in the production of lithium-ion batteries. He has experience in the development of various tools for production line planning, tolerance modeling, and cost accounting for battery production.

Mr. Paul Mclachlan

Mr. Paul Mclachlan

Paul Mclachlan leads the e-mobility sector at Balluff, with particular emphasis on battery production. He works together with his teams in Korea, China, Japan and the Europe supporting line builders and system integrators as they equip themselves for the electrification of mobility. Such support includes but is not limited to enabling smart machines with IO-Link , traceability & tracking solutions and sensing technologies focused on mixing all the way to formation plants.

Mr. Ronny Guber

Mr. Ronny Guber

Ronny Guber is the industry expert for electromobility at B&R, offering manufacturers of batteries and battery systems a single point of contact for solving a new set of manufacturing challenges. His goal is to develop groundbreaking manufacturing concepts in close cooperation with machine builders and system integrators. This offers manufacturers higher productivity and lower unit costs.

Mr. Christian Leitner

Mr. Christian Leitner

Christian Leitner has worked nearly two decades in different Industry leading technology companies, where he developed a strong and diverse background in Marketing & Sales, Engineering and Project Management. Since 2015 Christian is part of the Global Automotive team at Rockwell Automation with particular focus on Electric Vehicles.

Mr. Markus Roever

Mr. Markus Roever

Markus Röver, graduated in mechanical engineering at University of Aachen and in business administration at University of Hagen. He started at Schuler, the global leader in metalforming machinery, in 1995.

Mr. Jaikaran Chandock

Mr. Jaikaran Chandock

Mr. Jaikaran is the Director at Balu Forge Industries Ltd and Naya Energy Works Pvt Ltd.

The youngest and newest recruit who joined the BFIL (Balu Forge Industries Ltd) family in 2014, after completion of BSc in Business Management from Cass Business School, London and MSc in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College, London.

Mr. Vikram Balasaheb Pol

Mr. Vikram Balasaheb Pol

Mr. Vikram Balasaheb Pol has completed his graduation in Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering in the year 2019, during the fifth semester he has done his internship in a startup automotive company (Aniwini Automotive, Bangalore) Where he had successfully designed map-pocket of Volkswagen Polo by using Unigraphics 11.0 software and learned about the manufacturing of plastic products by the injection molding process. He was proactively participating in the skill development workshops and also visited JSW-Bellary steel manufacturing plant organized at his university.

MSc. Frans Augustijn

MSc. Frans Augustijn

MSc. Frans Augustijn has over 30 years of experience within OEM companies and worked internationally on challenging automation projects in several industries. He is an expert in the development of Industry 4.0 business models within companies which are eager to develop opportunities coming from the main global trends.
He is Business Unit Manager Industrial Solutions of the Swedish listed company Xano.

Dr. Rashi Gupta

Dr. Rashi Gupta

Dr. Rashi Gupta, fondly known as “Batterywali of India”, is the pioneer of manufacturing of Advanced Lithium Batteries in India alongwith the “Worlds Smartest Lithium Battery”. She is the Founder & Managing Director of Vision Mechatronics Private Ltd, leading it towards a name to reckon for in the field of Robotics, Renewable Energy & Energy Storage.

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