Our Experts

Mr. Ronny Guber

Ronny Guber is the industry expert for electromobility at B&R, offering manufacturers of batteries and battery systems a single point of contact for solving a new set of manufacturing challenges. His goal is to develop groundbreaking manufacturing concepts in close cooperation with machine builders and system integrators. This offers manufacturers higher productivity and lower unit costs.

Guber has been with B&R for more than 15 years. In the early years, he gained valuable experience working with customers in the automotive industry as an application engineer. After joining the sales team, Guber managed the sales office in Regensburg for six years before most recently taking over a sales territory in eastern Germany. Here he also supported several projects in the battery business. As industry manager, he now shares the insights he gathers with B&R’s sales and R&D teams to help align development and optimization of B&R’s solutions with real-world needs and emerging trends.