Why cooperation is key in EV battery industry

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What is cooperation?

Cooperation refers to two or more organizations working together to achieve a common goal or solving common problems by sharing expertise. Regardless of the industry/business, cooperation can help in growing businesses to the next level. That’s the power of cooperation.

According to a study made by Booz Allen and Hamilton in the U.S. in the past twenty-five years, the number of alliances/cooperation has grown by twenty-five percent each year. This proves that cooperation is more advantageous in these times of continuous change.

Cooperation helps in networking:

When it comes to new organizations/start-ups it’s very important to grow and to make connections. It may not be possible that every contact you make may turn into cooperation, but by doing so you will increase your brand awareness and network which is very important to offer value to (new) customers and penetrate the market.

Right cooperation with an organization that already has proven its expertise over many years which can solve a specific problem is a plus. This will help a lot in growing your knowledge and expertise and at the same time, you are also utilizing your partner’s real expertise in a given area. Development of that expertise yourself is not an opportunity you will get in today’s market anymore and you may end up wasting your time and energy.

Cooperation is a learning opportunity and thinking outside the box:

Partners offer different strengths, skills, and perspectives. It is impossible to develop that yourself within the time the market needs it from your company. Also, your employees will find out that exploring beyond the boundaries of your own company, will make them grow and enable them to serve your customers even better.

Saving money by shared expenses:

Trying to provide services/solutions all by yourself would be very costly and it might end up using all the resources you have. The experience of a partner in the business also is a big advantage, as it can help in avoiding critical mistakes and help save time, effort and unnecessary costs.

Why the EV battery market needs more cooperation:

We know that the future is going to be about electric mobility. Governments are making policies and providing incentives that support the manufacturing of electric vehicles and batteries. The main component of an electric vehicle is its’ battery and the growth of the EV battery market is high. However, expertise is not available to build the future Giga factories. As the technology is new and the scale is huge, it is very challenging to develop new economical and sustainable factories. Resources are limited, not knowledgeable enough, and not experienced enough. The industry requires steep learning curves and experiences of different industries to secure and master lessons learned there. Accessible knowledge in setting up the manufacturing and recycling processes of EV batteries allows to establish these plants more hassle-free and conveniently.

Why Batteryline.com serves the industry:

Batteryline.com is a community of experts in the manufacturing of lithium-ion battery cells, where our partners and experts aim to serve battery manufacturers worldwide when and where they need it.

On the expert platform, Batteryline.com (future) experts and customers in the EV battery manufacturing industry have access to other experts and potential strategic partners who have already proven their expertise in the past.Experts/customers have the opportunity not to waste time and money on research and come up with solutions too late. We need to join forces to save time, money, and (resources of the) planet!

Existing partners deliver expertise in the production of casings from cylindrical and prismatic cells, assembly of cases to individual battery cells, assembly of cells to battery modules and packs, processes to accomplish reuse and recycle of batteries, and data mining and analysis solutions in the production and recycling process. Today’s EV battery world is too complex to handle by one supplier or company. Competitive advantages will come from cooperation with other experts.

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