CAJO Traceability Solutions for Maximum Results in Battery Manufacturing

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Battery Manufacturing is a complex, capital-intensive industry with various production processes down the line. There is always a need to improve yield with greater production efficiency.

Manufacturers can improve battery production processes with high-speed solutions, line efficiency and continuous process optimization that increase yield and minimize scrap. A vital factor to keep in mind throughout production is sustainability.

The European Union has released extensive legislative proposals to create a legal framework for the sustainability, traceability, and circularity of battery production throughout a product’s life cycle. This further increases the importance of collecting accurate data on for example battery production and performance.

Readable and permanent markings enable product traceability internally and externally. This ensures full traceability throughout the supply chain and the whole product life cycle reducing material waste.

In Battery Manufacturing, current collectors and electrode foils are transferred between production lines for various processes such as coating, calendaring, slitting, assembling including stacking and winding, and can insertion. To avoid any information gaps that would hinder battery production process efficiency, it is critical to be able to trace even single electrodes.

Thanks to Cajo’s intelligent traceability solutions with precise and permanent laser coding, single electrodes in the coating process of battery cells can be fully traced. Traceability is highly important also for end-of-life batteries. Cajo traceability allows batteries to have a second life in applications such as ESS and enables batteries to be safely recycled afterwards.

Cajo offers full traceability for Battery Manufacturing with intelligent laser marking systems:

  • Electrode marking
  • Current collector foil marking (copper/aluminium)
  • Cell can/case marking

Benefits for Battery Manufacturers using Cajo Lasers:

  1. 90 % reduction of carbon footprint of industrial labelling
  2. High-speed marking on the fly with top speed over 80 m/minute
  3. Embedded software CajoSmart™ with user-friendly HMI control panel
  4. Automatic code verification
  5. Sustainable marking with NO additives
  6. Each Cajo Tailor™ unit can mark over 20 unique data matrix codes per second for maximum efficiency
  7. Collection of process data and electrode level traceability

Pic Credits: CAJO

Cajo’s flexible marking solutions enable the smooth installation of laser marking systems on both new battery production lines under construction and pre-existing lines. Any necessary retrofitting is completed accurately and efficiently by skilled technical experts according to the manufacturing needs.

With over a decade of experience in laser marking and ecological lasers systems delivered to over 60 countries around the world, Cajo Technologies provides Battery Manufacturers solutions that meet strict international standards for sustainability and full traceability. Cajo’s comprehensive laser marking solutions are designed to improve yield and minimize scrap ensuring Battery Manufacturers keep their competitive edge.

Choose Cajo for intelligent product marking.

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