SAY YES TO JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF EXPERTS is a community of experts in the manufacturing of (lithium ion) battery cells. We share information and development projects together. We aim to serve the battery production industry in creating a worldwide availability of green energy where and when users need it. We are continuously looking for ways to improve the production, re-use and recycling of batteries. We believe that sharing information between experts will increase the real power of battery solutions.
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RECOGNITION AS EXPERT is a community of battery manufacturing experts with proven capabilities to battery cell/module/pack lines which enables giga factories to scale up their production and since the start of the year 2023, we have been members of battery recycling and battery manufacturers. Before enrolling the partners, we share the questionnaire and make sure that companies have proven capabilities and references in the battery industry. We only welcome those who meet the standards as valued experts or partners in our network.

After the partner is confirmed, we start the next process.

LIVE EVENT-BATTERY SHOW IN STUTTGART, GERMANY is pleased to announce our participation at the upcoming Battery Show in Stuttgart in June 2024. We have secured a booth space of 72 m2 and will host a stage where our members which also include members of world-leading giga factories and machine builders to showcase expertise in battery manufacturing, and challenges and engage in valuable networking opportunities.

BATTERYLINE.COM ACCOUNT FOR EXPERT’S COMMUNITY PLATFORM is excited to introduce new initiatives, featuring the establishment of an expert community platform. This platform enables our members to engage in networking and discussions with Battery Line experts and distinguished battery manufacturers. Members gain complimentary access to e-learning resources, along with the added functionality of forum chatting and the ability to invite fellow members and non-members to join the platform.

Access to eLearning and take a position as an expert in creating e-learning. The first e-learning is about the battery cell manufacturing process from start to finish. Our members can benefit from using the e-learnings to empower their workforce about the basics of battery manufacturing and get certified at the end of the course.


Partners contribute valuable insights and expertise through blog articles that focus on battery manufacturing and recycling. These pieces delve into challenges, propose solutions, and offer our partners an opportunity to showcase their capabilities. Additionally, we leverage our social media channels to effectively market and promote their contributions.

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Partners get the availability to share expertise and challenges in the form of webinars. Webinars can be live on demand depending upon the partner’s choice. Registration information and webinar performance will be shared after 2-3 weeks of the release.

Example: YouTube

Blogs, expertise, and solutions can be created in the form of videos and shared on our and our partner’s social media platforms.

Examples: LinkedIn


In tackling the task of finding the right people for the battery manufacturing industry, our members and partners can post their job openings on our platform. Our audience includes passionate battery manufacturing professionals, offering a valuable talent pool that can greatly benefit our partners.

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